My first album -- Unvarnished Truth

I grew up on country music, especially bluegrass.  Dad had a guitar, a mandolin, a 5-string banjo, and sometimes a fiddle stashed in closets around the house. I picked up all of them and asked Dad to teach me to play.  My mother loved old-style pop music and was always singing around the house. As I grew into my own generation's music, I enjoyed folk and folk rock, which had words that meant something to me.  Somewhere between 50's rock and disco, music took on a great social significance.  Music was supposed to make a difference; not just to entertain, but to change the world. It was in that era when I began to develop my songwriting skills.  I have been writing throughout the course of a lifetime.  Only one of my first 100 songs is what you would call a Christian song.  As my life has become more and more centered on my faith, and my church became my primary performance venue,  my songs have followed.  My album, Unvarnished Truth is a collection of these Christian-themed songs. My goal was to give the same care and attention to lyrics that I did when I was writing country and folk and to tell the truth as I see it.  I may have created a genre something like Outlaw Christian. 


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