Kelly - Songwriter, singer, picker, music producer.


Kelly Gazzaway is a singer-songwriter who lives at the epicenter of American musical culture, Amarillo, Texas.  The grandson of one of Hank Williams' cowriters, he grew up with music in the home and started playing guitar at age nine. In his teens, he began writing songs.  After making a couple of tentative forays to Nashville, he learned that anyone who ever wrote a hit song in the history of music, or thought about it, lived there and was still trying to get their next hit.  Kelly opted to stay around home. He is involved in the music program at his local church and with the Walk to Emmaus.  

He is a former "New Folk" songwriting award winner at the Kerrville Folk Festival.   The desire God placed in his heart to write has never waned and, with Internet distribution a reality, Kelly has joined the other twenty million or so wannabe stars trying to get their tunes heard online and he has recently released his first album, "Unvarnished Truth."  .

Kelly is married to his wonderful wife, Audrey (as they say on Wheel of Fortune). They have two sons and three grandchildren. The couple lives in relative chaos with three dogs; Rosie, Hannah, and Lucky.